Piedmont style vegetable platter \'\'Giardiniera Piemontese\'\' Ricette Cucina Italiana Welcome to Italy

Piedmont style vegetable platter ''Giardiniera Piemontese''

Cooking time: about 30 minutes
Difficulty: *
Ingredients, amounts for 4 people:
  • carrots: 2 small
  • lettuce: 6 hearts
  • lemon: 1
  • olive oil:
  • potatoes: 12 oz
  • salt:
  • artichokes preserved in oil: 12
  • radishes: 3 bunches
Boil the potatoes, drain and then peel them. In the meantime, clean the carrots and boil them in a separate saucepan; once cooked, drain them well and cut them into thin slices. Put the oil, salt and lemon juice into a bowl and mix together to obtain a smooth sauce. Clean the lettuce hearts and the radishes. Place the vegetables onto a serving dish and dress with the sauce. This dish is excellent as an accompaniment for cold roasts and boiled meats.

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