Cucina cucina

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Courtyard animals are still breed today ranging freely in many houses of the Maremmana countryside: other than chickens and hens, there are bred geese, turkeys and guinea-fowl. The guinea-fowl, when it is not bred, has a taste that reminds us of the pheasant, or better to say, the delicate bustard; and in this case has to be hung for three to four days. The guinea-fowl in ancient times was called "guinea-fowl hen or of Numidia" - because it was of African origins and most particularly Egyptian. In the forests of Africa lived many wild species domesticated by the Greeks and the Romans. They became extinct in the first century after Christ to reappear again in the XV century, brought to Europe by the Portughese navigators who found them in the Gulf of Guinea.
In Tuscany the use of guinea-fowl is spread throughout not only in Maremma, but also in Siena and in Florence: it is cooked in various ways, but the preferred way is with a stuffing of chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles, a truly "royal" dish...

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