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Altomonte, a fascinating small town in the province of Cosenza, is situated in the centre of a natural amphitheatre: bordering its southern side are the Pre-Sila mountains, while to the north-west lies the Pollino range and facing eastward are rolling hills descending towards the plains and the Gulf of Sibari. The panoramic placement of this little town affords a splendid view all the way out to the seaside as well as over the beautiful surrounding mountains.
Rising up from an ancient medieval village, Altomonte is marked by houses so old that there remain many of the original stone portals, the work of famous local sculptors dating back to the XVII-XIXth centuries. Not to be missed is the Norman castle holding fragments of frescos from the 1300s, the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione and its museum of the same name which is situated beside the ancient Dominican convent. Over the course of the last few years, Altomonte has gone through a transformation from a largely unknown agricultural centre to an up-and-coming tourist destination, thanks to the artistic treasures preserved there and to the recent restoration of its monuments. No matter what the season here, one can always rely upon a festival to bring alive the town streets, giving tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in this Calabrian town steeped in local custom. Equally important is the local cuisine, genuine and imaginative, characterised by its strong ties with tradition.
Altomonte is made even more charming by the large choice of accommodation facilities on offer.

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