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Zambrone is an agricultural centre of Monte Poro, next to the broad stream Potame. It was bora in 1310 tharrks to the inhabitants of Aramons, who, after Robert of Anjou had ordered to set fire to their houses, firstly took refuge in the area of S. Giovannello and later in the present area to escare Saracen raids.
Zambrone has recently acquired, together with the famous culture of the reddish- blue onion of Tropea, an interest for tourism and has started to organize itself to this end. In fact the centre has been embellished and provided with an amphitheatre that is the seat of cultural events, such as folkloristic happenings, plays, ballets, classic and modem music concerts.
As regards the shore it is provided with a wide and long beach that, now and then, is linked to tufaceous cliffs. bere you find many holiday-village and an "Aquapark" full of comforts for Aquatic plays agreeable both to children and adults. There is a good entertainment and good food.

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