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Positano is one of most elegant and well-known health-resorts of the Amalfi Coast and has ancient origins, because it was founded (the tradition is confirmed by historical searches) by the fugitives of Paestum, escaped from the Saracens. About the first inhabited centre of Positano, some news were known already in the tenth century: it was a suburb, where was located a Benedictine Abbey dedicated to St. Vito. It seems probable, however, that the zone had been populated by the Picentini, who, rebelled against Rome and by it defeated, in 290 b.C. were deported to that area, as reported by the ancient historian Strabone. The townspeople of Positano, vassals of Cava Abbey during the Middle Ages, freed themselves and gave up to the navigation, becoming able to compete also with the same Amalfi.
Situated in an enchanting position, Positano was a favourite destination for great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, and illustrious personages of culture such as Rossellini, Toscanini, Bernstein, Steinbeck and Pirandello. Positano is made up of three outlying wards, its greatest attractions are represented by the Ancient Town and the sea-suburb, where are characteristic white houses with the spherical cover and the front-small colonnade. In Positano is advised the visit to the "Civic Tower"; to the churches of Santa Maria Assunta, Santa Margherita and San Giacomo; to Marina Grande; to the picturesque beaches of Fornillo, La Porta, Arienzo and Ciumicello; to the Cave of La Porta. Very attractive are the walks in Montepertuso and Nocella, and interesting are the excursions to the Belvedere, the Sciaccone, the Bridge of the Books and the Matera Grottos.

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