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The Borough of Ischia is situated on the eastern side of the island and boast the main port. It has assumed the role of "capital" as most of the public administrative offices are situated there. The port is famous not only for its form and history but also as it is the largest port in Italy used by small craft sailors. It is divided in two centers Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. It also includes the villages of Campagnano, San Michele and Sant'Antonio.

Countryside: Two separate centers Ischia Ponte (once known as Borgo Gelso) and Ischia Porto (once called Villa Bagni). Two centers, but each having its own way of living, its own rapport with the sea and tourism, even the buildings, churches and monuments are diverse.

Environment: A delightful borough, still developing. In high season, when chaos reigns it is fascinating to watch the ferries and jetfoils as they enter into the once lake, which is now the port and one caonot fail to appreciate the artistry of its sailors.

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