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The Borough of Lacco Ameno is the smallest borough of the island but the most densely populated. A picturesque area famous for its mineral waters, the beach of San Montano, the natural Mushroom shaped tufa rock and ancient Greek tombs. The main areas are Fango, Panella, Campo and Fundera.

Countryside:: The main shopping areas are Via Roma and Corso Angelo Rizzoli, both situated parallel to the sea front. Lacco Ameno can be divided into three sections, the marine centre, its rural inland hilly area and Monte Vico with the bay of San Montano and the promonotory of Zaro. The Borough is reached using the main coastal road from Casamicciola Terme and its emblem is the Mushroom Rock, a large tufa rock which is thought to have fallen from the peak of Mount Epomeo.

Enviroment:: Even though the Borough is very small a large amount of vitality and local "colour" are concentrated there.

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