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Agricolture and typical products
This is one of the few areas in Italy, where in such a relatively small corner of land, agricolture provides not only a setting for its natural beauty, but also a range of high-quality products such as lemons, oil and cheese, all acknowledged for their excellence at both national and European levels. The layout of the land, the climatic and environmental conditions as well as the traditional methods of cultivation have all contributed to the creation of extensive terraces of lemon groves along the slopes rising from the sea. The Massese lemon differs from the Amalfi Coast lemon in that it has a thinner peel and a stronger aroma. Lemons were already being exported both to the United States of America and to the Great Britain in the 19th century, used for their high content of vitamina C. Nowadays, they are utilised not only for health and culinary purposes, but also as the main ingredient of limoncello, a lemon liqueur obtained from an infusion of lemon peel, to be found at all the best table in the world. Other liqueurs are also produced using typical aromatic Mediterranean plants such as myrtle, wild fennel, carob and bay. Moving away from the coast and up the sun-facing hills you can find vineyards supplying excellent red and white wines to accompany the typical dishes of this area. In the higher areas where the soil is less fertile, olive trees abound. The oil produced here has a characteristic taste and aroma which distinguish it and give it its high market value. The European Community recognises this product as DOP thanks to its unique qualities. Lastly, using milk taken from locally reared cows, small dairies produce two types of cheese which are also included in the European Community's list of protected products and which are in great demand at Neapolitan meals: the treccia and the caciocavallo.

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