Campigna, a summer and winter location, is easily reached both from the Casentino and from the plains of Romagna. Embraced by the National Park, it is certainly amongst the most important points of naturalistic interest. Its significance derives mostly from the large and age-old forest of beech and fir trees, and from the numerous species of wildlife such as the fallow deer, roe deer, wolves and royal eagles; it is an ideal destination for naturalist photographers. A bio-genetic reserve since 1977, Campigna on the eastern slope, together with the Riserva Integrale di Sasso Fratino, a rare example of untouched forest, is the flower in the buttonhole of the park, the first to be established in Italy way back in 1959, included as many as 4 times in the council of Europes diploma.
A vast network of pathways can fully satisfy the lovers of summer and winter trekking; paths which run alongside the numerous brooks, between beautiful waterfalls which feed the torrents of the valleys in Romagna, while the waters which feed and give life to the river Arno gush from the slopes of Mount Falterona. So, Campigna is, and wishes to be, an uncontaminated oasis where silence and nature meet to contrast with the chaotic rhythm of city life.