Piacenza and environs

Hotels Piacenza and environs
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At Piacenza and environs, there is tourist accommodation available in hotels, farm holiday, farmhouse, residence self-catering accommodation, b&b, rooms for rent, holiday homes, camp sites and tourist villages.
Hotels Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza
Hotels Terre Verdiane
Piacenza Alseno Besenzone Castell'Arquato

Bologna and environs

Bed and Breakfast - Room rentals Bologna
B&B Al Belpoggio

Forlė - Cesena and environs

Hotels Campigna
Hotel Ristorante Granduca

Hotels Cesenatico
Hotel Beau Soleil
Biondi Hotels

Hotels Corniolo
Albergo Pini

Santa Sofia
Hotels Santa Sofia
Hotel Ristorante Granduca
Albergo Pini

Ferrara and environs

Hotels Ferrara
Hotel Ferrara

Bed and Breakfast - Room rentals Comacchio
Al Ponticello Room & Breakfast
Residences - Flats - Holiday Houses Comacchio
Al Ponticello Room & Breakfast

Hotels Ostellato
Villa Belfiore Hotel Ristorante
Farm Holidays Ostellato
Villa Belfiore Hotel Ristorante

Modena and environs

Castelnuovo Rangone
Bed and Breakfast - Room rentals Castelnuovo Rangone
B&B Villa Milly

Parma and environs

Bed and Breakfast - Room rentals Parma
Lombardi - Affittacamere & Appartamenti
Residences - Flats - Holiday Houses Parma
Lombardi - Affittacamere & Appartamenti

Hotels Tabiano
Hotel Alex

Ravenna and environs

Hotels Ravenna
Hotel Centrale Byron

Hotels Cervia
Hotel Buratti

Lido di Savio
Hotels Lido di Savio
Hotel Apollonia
Hotel De Paris
Hotel Man
In Adria Hotels

Milano Marittima
Hotels Milano Marittima
Hotel Imperiale
Hotel Costa Verde
Hotel King
Group Hotels

Pinarella di Cervia
Hotels Pinarella di Cervia
Hotel Buratti
In Adria Hotels

Rimini and environs

Hotels Rimini
Hotel Ambassador
Hotel Gallia Palace
Hotel Airone
Rimini Club hotel

Bellaria Igea Marina
Hotels Bellaria Igea Marina
Hotel Granada

Misano Adriatico
Hotels Misano Adriatico
Hotel Aquila D'Oro