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Casola Valsenio is an evocative little town in the green valley of the River Senio. The area where the town grew up was colonized at the beginning of the year 1000 by the Benedictines who founded the Abbey of Valsenio there. Immersed in green, a resort for the tourist who appreciates nature and serenity, Casola Valsenio has taken advantage of its "ecological" situation by creating and throwing open to the public its precious Medicinal Garden, a fascinating source of medical, cosmetic and aromatic herbs.
Apart from the most famous Medical Garden in Italy, to the seeker after all the colours and most perfumed essences of nature Casola Valsenio offers the well known "Lavender Road" which, with its extraordinary backdrop of lilacs, runs through the valley of Casola towards Brisighella and Fontanelice. And then the "Road of the Plants of Long Ago", between the Santerno and Senio valleys, where ancient varieties of arboreal plants - decorative and fruit - that risk extinction have been planted along the roadside. Together with these very special attractions Casola Valsenio offers sports facilities, shows, cultural events and events not found elsewhere - such as the evening fruit and vegetable market in summer - and, of course, the opportunity for marvellous excursions in the Faenza Appennines among woodland rich in flora and fauna, the spectacular Romagna Chalk Vein and other karstic morphologies such as grottoes, dolinas and swallow holes. The writer Alfredo Oriani (Faenza 1852 - Casola Valsenio 1909) and stayed there many years, making his home in the "Cardello" which is now the Alfredo Oriani House Museum: a rare example of a Romagnol gentleman's home between the 19th and 20th centuries.

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