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Archaeological Area and the Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia

A few lines just to mention importance and splendour of Aquileia. It was founded in the Ist century b.C. and became the most important defence against invasions: Huns ransacked it and Longobards deprived it of its political and military role, creating the duchy of Cividale. It became a Patriarchs' seat and was adorned with beautiful churches.
After an invasion, the Patriarch of Aquileia in 568 went to Grado and came back in the Xth century. Aquileia lost its religious importance because of the increasing leadership of Venice and many people left the area to escape diseases. The town is now alive and active after the reclamation, but its development could respect its artistic patrimony.
Traces of the glorious Aquileia can be seen in the Harbour, the Forum, the Via Sacra and the Sepolcreto; the Cathedral, the Chiesa dei Pagani (Pagans' church) and the Battistero Post Teodoriano date to the patriarchs' age. To end up the visit there are the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and the Museo Paleocristiano.

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