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The sea with its limpid crystal-clear waters, bed filled with rich and varied life, the volcanic rocks, the fragrant colourful Mediterranean maqius, the birds that stop here on their long migratory journeys: these are the stills of a splendid film, made with the views of Ventotene Santo Stefano. A host of secrets await discovery. Because the island of Ventotene is small it can all be visited very easily on foot. The abandoned prison can be visited at Santo Stefano. The true surprise of Ventotene Santo Stefano are, however, the underwater landscapes. The seabed around the two islands is rocky and just a short distance from the shore can drop a depht of 50 meters.
Those who venture underwater will be constantly amazed by the wealth of life and the integrity of the marine ecosystem. In shaded parts, the rock walls are lined with colonies of asteroids, one of the few Mediterranean examples of madrepores, the small creatures that build coral reefs. Octopus, moray eels, blennies, rainbow wrasse, white bream and saffled bream also find a favourable environment in the rocks and crevices created by falling rocks.
40 47' 81 N - 13 26' 06 E

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