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Magliano Sabina, a small hillside village, is situated in the province of Rieti. The hill is covered with vineyards from which the excellent Vino dei Colli Sabini wine is produced: white, red and spumante brut. The honey is also of a good quality and the location is also well known for the production of milk, wheat, corn and forage. In addition, Magliano Sabina possesses a large variety of fauna which it is possible for the visiting tourists to admire. The history of Magliano Sabina dates back to the VII century B.C. and to the Roman era.
Magliano Sabina makes its first appearance, cited in a document of the VIII century from the Abbey of Farfa. Possession of the Abbey, it then became a free Comune (Municipality) under the Orsini. In 1311, Magliano Sabina, in order to escape from the rule of the latter, obtained protection from Rome. It was not until 1495 that Magliano Sabina was raised to the status of a town. The buildings which arouse the most interest are the Palazzo Vescovile (Bishop's Palace) and the Palazzo Civico (Town Hall), in which some Roman relics and a statue in terracotta of the Virgin with Child are preserved; other Churches which merit admiration are: the church of the Santuario di Santa Maria delle Grazie of the eighteen hundreds, founded in 1200, which preserves an image of the Virgin Mary of the XV century and where it is possible to visit the Romanesque Crypt, full of fifteenth century frescoes; another important Church is that of San Pietro, of the XII century.

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