Plonge and keep you free? So you will enjoy the sea and the beautiful natur allrounding.
Welcome to the place that awakes the senses and helps them to communicate. Wherever you look there is a feast for the eyes and an invitation to the pleasures of the table and sweet conversation, and down towards the sea and through the vineyards, you will find moments of exalting renewal. You have chosen us and now we will do our best to satisfy all of your fantasies inspired by this magical territory constructed by man. Walk between the footpaths and have contact with nature... secluded beaches to be reached by canoe... guided immersions in the interior of the marine reserve... excursions by boat... and your stay will become unforgettable.
Hotel Villa Argentina dominates the antique village of Riomaggiore; a village which has been declared by UNESCO, Patrimony of Humanity and included in the protected area of fhe National Park of the Cinque Terre. The Hotel rests on one of the pronounced slopes of the well exposed terraced vineyard stone walls. The small quaint hotel has most its room with view of the sea and small sunny terrace.