Via della Chiusa, 28
16039 - Sestri Levante (GE)
Tel.: (+39) 0185 42661-480801
Fax: (+39) 0185 480853

Position: facing two bays that characterise the peninsular of Sestri Levante, placed on a promotory that dominates the Gulf of Tigullio, it is connected in the middle with a lift cut from the rocks

Hotel Vis Vis

The exceptional choreography makes dining become a dream

Ponte Zeus - Where the sky meets the sea in a breathtaking display of nature's magnificence
Ponte Giunone - With full sails set in the outdoor restaurant "Ponte Giunone"
Ponte Tritone - Savoring a cocktail in the "sea flavored" drawing room

Our home made cooking:
Focaccia Genovese
Focaccia alle Olive
Pane Marino

The Olimpo restaurant, a true gastronomic tradition, proposes a selection of extraordinary flavours. The original creations of the chef awaken your senses in a crescendo of exquisite and refined temptations. The amazing panorama of the Ligurian Coast which you can admire through the enormous windows which look out over the sea, will provide you with an exceptional backdrop to your high class evening dinner. Have a taste of the cuisine of the gods!