The Vigne di Adamo, a name recalling the antique origins and which conceals a true and profound meaning. The Granfather Adamo had given strength to the farm, patiently cherishing his vines from their birth. The experience handed down from father to son, gave to us, the third generation, the desire to give new vigour to the farm, starting from those very vines, with the restructuring of the cellar and the old portico, and then starting up the agri-tourism business with accomodation, to be able to keep and pass on our heritage from the past.
The farm, situated in the morainichills, in the splendid settingof the Mincio Park, is a family runbusiness specialising inthe cultivation of vines and cereals with reduced environmental impact methods. We produce Altomincio Merlot and Chardonnay wines.
The farm offers accommodation in indipendent suites and rooms with bioecological materials, maximum comfort and protection from noise, featuring elegance and simplicity, "skirting-board" heating for those who suffer from rhinitis or asthma (this is the first farmhouse resort in Italy with this type of heating).