Plaza dal Comun, 3
Zona Rosa Centro

23030 - Livigno (SO)
Tel.: (+39) 0342 996100
Fax: (+39) 0342 970578

Position: center at 100 m from chair-lift

Hotel Compagnoni

Extraordinary specialties which are prepared according to the original receipts of the Mediterranean cuisine. In the mean time you will also have the possibility to taste the old receipts handed down from ancient times.
We propose a good menu la carte that can make every meal delightful.

Slice of porcini gourmet mushrooms with polenta and typical Lardo di Colonnata
Valtellina Bresaola and pears dressed with balsamic vinegar
Pizzoccheri typical pasta
Rice Valtellinese style
Spelt tagliolini pasta with venison sauce
Roe deer venison loin marinated with juniper
Entrecte venison steak on a red wine and bilberry sauce
Home-made desserts