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Campofilone is a charming site situated at the entrance to the Aso Valley. The present town has developed from a small town built during the late medieval period surrounding the abbey of Saint Bartolomeo. The verdant hillsides, the history, the traditions and its proximity to the most important tourist centres of the Riviera delle Palme have made Campofilone a noted location for country holidays.
The Orti road, the pine avenues, the Torrione di Porta Marina, the Porta da Sole and the Porta da Bora relate the history of the town. The abbey church is of much artistic interest, with frescoes by Fontana and decorations by his apprentice Nicola Achilli. More frescoes by Fontana can be seen inside the church of Saint Patrizio.
Throughout the world, Campofilone is renowned for its maccheroncini di Campofilone pasta. These small strands of spaghetti, also known as maccheroncini fini fini (thin, thin little macaroni) and were once considered to be a high class dish, with a tradition going back many, many years. Every year during the month of August, the famous Sagra (festival) of the maccheroncini is held which attracts thousands of tourists.

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