Few kilometers from Canelli, in the Regione Sant'Antonio, overlooking one of the most beautiful areas of Piedmont - so beautiful that even the writer Cesare Pavese praised it - there is La Casa in Collina, a typical piedmontese farmhouse, owned by the Amerio family.

This fascinating building has a calm and noble atmosphere, also thanks to a recent careful restoring of its ancient structures. Surrounded by large Moscato vineyards, La Casa in Collina still has the character of a private home, so to offer to its guests calm and silence.

Stone, bricks, terra cotta and wrought iron are the perfect surrounding for its elegant furniture. All the rooms, large and different from one another, are furnished with antique piedmontese pieces of furniture, with refined carpets and fabrics in warm colours. Some of them have not covered stone walls.

The Amerio Family takes great care of its vineyards, carrying out rational pruning and fertilisation, so that the grape production of each vine-stock remains below the limits defined by official regulations.