Passion and love for wines together with the traditions of the Langhe have always been deep-routed in the Cagliero family, one of the oldest family of wine growers of the Barolo region. Historical documents dating back to the years 1500 prove it. At the beginning of the last century because of the terrible deseases of the vineyards, the family Cagliero, as well as many other wine growers, was forced to abandon their beloved but miserly estate to go and seek fortune in town. In spite of all, during that period, uncle Gian Battista with love and heart took care of the vineyards of the Cagliero family at Barolo. Because the work in town turned out to be a success, Mario Cagliero head of the new generation, felt the necessity to return to the roots of the Langhe. He wanted to rediscover the peasant and family identity of the wine grower which had never been forgotten. This was the start of a long and difficult way which head to the reconstruction of the old estate of the Cagliero in order to enjoy again the family traditions of Barolo. You are warmely invitated to the Cagliero estate to enjoy once again the tastes and traditions of the Langhe either at the Terli, Ravera, Gallo, Str properties or simply at the vineyards of Granny Marcellina.
In the heart of the land of Barolo wine, surrounded by the greenery of the vineyards and a lovely panorama, there is the agriturismo Il Ciabot. All rooms are en-suite and simply decorated, with antique furniture recalling older times in line with Langhe tradition. The beautiful veranda along with the solarium immersed in the vineyards and the rustic marquee have a breathtaking view of Barolo Castle and all the Langhe.