Our family has owned the building since 1957 and the two proprietors, Fabrizia and Paolo, are the second generation to be in charge of running it. Our aim is to do our best in offering you a serene and peaceful holiday. Pleasant rooms with bathrooms and a small car park.
The premises are in the centre of Cannobio, at 3 km from the Swiss border, the San Gottardo is an hours drive away and Milan can be reached in one and a half hours. The international airport of Malpensa is 70 km away, and can be reached in 50 minutes from Lugano.
The Casa was already a Hotel in 1650, before, it was a postal station, up to the 30's. The establishment was completely refurbished in the year 2000, with the aim of integrating the old with the new. The garden has been untouched for at least 200 years, the plants there being the proof: the two yew trees are about 280 years old, as is also the large camellia (which is a hybrid of the tea plant) imported by the English in the 1700's, together with the rhododendron originating from the Himalayas.