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Muravera might be considered as the chief town of the Sarrabus area; it is situated in a river valley, sheltered by a ring of hills which mark off a lagoon system, which includes the marshes of Feraxi, Colostrai, Salinas and San Giovanni.
The extensive stretch of coast begins with the beaches of Costa Rei and runs as far as Capo Ferrato. The varied environment, characterised by the mountains which slope down towards the plain, and hence to the marshes and the sea, is rich in animal life. In the vicinity of the rivers, the visitor will find extensive citrus fruit groves, the perfume of which blends with that of the sea.
There is also rich testimony of ancient human settlement: the remains of the megalithic complex at Piscina Rei date back to the late Neolithic as do the ruins of "Culli Piras" and the Nuraghe Scalas, with numerous menhirs, (still to be found in their original vertical position) the true function of which is still to be determined, but which might be connected to the position of the sun and the moon when rising and setting.
The Nuraghe Scalas complex with its 42 menhirs (two of which are anthropomorphic in shape), set up in groups, is the best preserved megalithic monument in the whole of Sardinia. Evidence of the nuraghic period is to be found, at Santa Giusta, in the Sa Domu'e S'Orcu complex, in the centre of a valley which is circular in shape.

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