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Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)

Lipari - (Surface area: 37,6 Sq. Kms.)

Lipari, the antique Meliguente, is the largest island of the Archipelago, once known as the Trade Centre of Obsidian and renowned today as the main Centre for Pumice stone.
The island of Lipari is the most complex from the geological and volcanogical point of view. The most ancient part is formed by the remains of stratum-volcanoes, which were to the west of the islands and make up The Timponi, Monterosa, etc. After the earliest period of intense eruptions, there followed a long break in the volcanic activity. In a later period we had the stratum-volcano of Monte Sant'Angelo. The volcanoes of the last period have erupted pumice-stones and made up a number of cupolas, among which there is the one of Monte Giardina. The volcanic activity started again, after a long interval, in the north-east part of the island, giving origin to lava streams of obsidian. Recent datations could establish that the latest eruption of Monte Pelato, with the pouring forth of the obsidianic flow of the Rocche Rosse, took place about the 700 A.D. This eruption covered with a thin layer of pumice the Roman remains of IV and V centuries A.D. in locality Diana and of the Acropolis of Lipari.


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