A small and charming hotel, located among the greenery of the island of Salina, the result of a careful restoration of an old Aeolian village, at the centre of the residential area in Malfa. You can admire the most charming view on the island from the large overflow swimming pool: terraced hills, the Giovi valley, which faces two giant lava mounds immersed in the sea, Panarea and Stromboli. Immersed in the greenery of its gardens, a short distance from the sea, the Hotel Ravesi offers moments of absolute relaxation, to give them an unforgettable holiday.
Staying at the Hotel Ravesi means visiting an important place in the history of Salina. In fact, the hotel is the result of an authentic restoration of an old location owned by the Ravesi family. The main part of the building was built in the XIX century. A number of dwellings for domestic and farmhouse use were built next to the original building. The farmhouses were transformed into small mills for making agricultural and fish products.
The hotel's bar is dug out of an old farm lodge, which was used for making wine and malvasia, adjacent to a raised kitchen with its characteristic cufulara and a wood-fired, which is now small but well equipped library, in which you will be able to appreciate reading while enjoying a good breakfast or a cool aperitif.
The hotel borders on the central Immacolata church, and via its garden is directly connected to the square of the same name; it is only a few hundred metres from the small Scalo Galera port and Punta Scario beach.