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Montalbano Elicona is located on the antique Roman and (still existing) medieval road of liaison between the Tyrrhenian and Ionic coasts of north-eastern Sicily. It is 907 m above sea level and dominates the right-hand banks of the Elicona river. Its territory, located between the Peloritani and the Nebrodi mountains, on one side extends upwards, with stretches of pleasant pastureland and millennial forests (such as the natural reserve of the Malabotta forest) and, at its peak, offers tourists the incredible view of the smoking Etna volcano.
On the other side, however, it sweetly declines towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, giving the spectators splendid views of the Eolie islands, of the Tindari promontory, and the point of Milazzo. The little town itself is certainly not lacking in just as many attractions: its well preserved centre has a clearly medieval layout and develops around the magnificent castle (still practically complete and quite accessible) which was formerly the home of both Frederick the II of Sweden and Frederick the II of Aragon. Close to the castle grounds, you can find numerous places of worship, real pearls for the lovers of the History of Art. The surrounding countryside also holds places of much more ancient historical heritage, with relaxing walks or horseback rides, you can reach the Argimusco megalithic site (attributed by many to the prehistoric period), or the ancient, pre-Roman age silvo-pastoral shelters.
The remains of the ancient water mills along the limpid flow of the Elicona stream (much loved by trout-fishing enthusiasts) also deserve a last note. Lastly, the old and genuine gastronomy of the territory (distinguished by the fragrances and flavours that have been preserved for us by the Montalbano Elicona tradition gives fitting fulfilment to the positive and encircling atmosphere in which the guest finds himself.

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