The salt road and the Stagnone

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One of the most fascinating spectacles to be observed from Erice is sunset on the saltpans below, which look like an immense checkerboard on which the sinking sun confers wonderful colours: purple, ruby, vermilion, dark blue. And it is no less fascinating to walk along the banks and among the islets of the saltpans from which, here and there, there emerge the windmills, fascinating items of industrial archaeology which are gradually being brought back to their original function.
At the same time, numerous saltpan buildings, undergoing timely restoration, have become part of the saltpan activity museum, actively bearing witness to ancient work which is still alive. To reach this exceptional brackish environment - one of the few left in Sicily - you need only to take the coastal road from Trapani which, parallel to state highway 115, leads to Marsala.
One at once finds oneself immersed in a landscape which is grandiose and apparently inhospitable. Here too nature shows itself in all its splendour, revealing major richness, especially in spring vvhen the edges of the saltpans and the pathways are covered with: chrysanthemums, daisies, stock, fumitories, silene and Echium Italicum; the remaining vegetation is made up of intevesting associations, typical expressions of halophilous environments.

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