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In the heart of Tuscany, between two large cities of art, Florence and Siena, lies the territory of the Chianti Classico. In the heart of the Chianti Classico is Greve in Chianti, the wine city, with its vineyards, olive-trees, its castles, its parishes and its medieval hilltop villages. Every season is ideal for a stay or for a visit, to admire an extraordinary landscape and to discover the richness of the wines and the flavours the Chianti land has to offer. The Chianti, in a harmonious manner, contains the past and the present in an inseparable relationship in which mans work, his rapport with the land, his ability to deal with present-day issues bearing in mind the historical roots, play an important role. In its rows of vines, in the austerity of its huts, in the elegance of its villas, in the cordiality of its people, in the delicacy and exquisitness of its products, one can still find an authenticity and a freshness that today is rare to find.

Surroundings - A tour around the Chianti region departs from Greve in Chianti. The Chianti region comprehends the whole wine district with the Docg certificate and reaches the province of Siena in the south. The road that leads to Greve in Chianti is plotted with historic residences and castles which have been transformed into wine vaults. You find for example the Castello di Vicchiomaggio, from the 13th century which was transformed into a villa in the 16th century, the Castello di Uzzano and the Castello di Verrazzano, a villa/farm which was the home of the family of Giovanni da Verrazzano, a navigator from Greve in Chianti who discovered the Hudson River, where New York now is situated.
A nice itinerary in the surroundings of Greve in Chianti starts at Strada in Chianti and goes to La Panca, immerged among a lovely landscape and majestic architectonic buildings. Stop at Castello di Sezzate. The Borgo di Cintola still preserves its aspect from the 13th century. From here you reach the imposing Vallombrosian Abbey Montescalari, today transformed into a farm.
A nice excursion from Greve in Chianti is the one to Monte San Michele, the highest mountain in the Chianti region and often is covered with snow in wintertime. The forests of San Michele are protected and offers lots of tracking paths and areas suited for picnics, a running path and a small hotel-restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of the Chianti region.

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