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Etruscan Coast (Costa degli Etruschi) is the name of the coastal belt which encloses the natural oasis of Bolgheri, the wonderful pine-wood of Cecina, the beautiful hills of Bibbona, Bolgheri and Monte Calvi where the typical Mediterranean vegetation alternates with fantastic chestnuts.
The medieval towns of Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima are a must for those who love art and history: tourists can admire thewell-preserved ancient walls and the wonderful fortified buildings. InEtruscan times one of the most important activities in the area (above all in Monte Calvi) was mining. In Costa degli Etruschi there are a lotof interesting places to visit and discover: Piombino, the nearby Gulfof Baratti and the necropolis of Populonia, an ancient Etruscan citywhere metals mined from the island of Elba were processed. No to mention the natural park of "Rimigliano" in San Vincenzo, a mustfor those who want to admire the landscape and always be close to nature. Spending an holiday in the Etruscan Coast doesn't mean just sea, sun and fun: it is also a kind of search for art and history, for the remotest roots of this and which still hides thousand treasures. Aresort ideal for youngsters and families too: there are endless chances of entarteinment.
This is a place where the typical relaxation of an holiday offered by crystal clear and clean sea, wonderful beaches, beautiful pinewoods and hills can be combined with the amusement. And what about gastronomy? Here you can taste a lot of different flavours and mouth-watering dishes: spicy grilled salmon steaks, shellfishes, crustaceans, fish-fries served with tomatos, sauces and vegetables are some of the specialities you can eat in theseveral prestigious restaurants you find everywhere to this fantastic holiday!
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