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On the road to Minucciano we pass through the towns of Gorfigliano, dominated over by Monte Pisanino, and Gramolazzo, important centre of the marble industry, where the remains of one of the Malaspina castles are still visible, and then drive by Lake Gramolazzo.
Most of the territory of Minucciano is part of the Parco Regionale delle Alps Apuane and includes some of the most important peaks of the Apuan Alps, such as the Pisanino, Pizza d'Uccello, Gondilce and Tambura, for excursions and mountain climbing. A watershed between the Serchio and the Magra valleys, in the past, this town was often fought over by the city of Lucca and the house of Malaspina.
It finally passed into the domain of Lucca in the XIV century and always enjoyed privileged treatment because of its strategic position. Minucciano's major resource is marble, but, unfortunately, the isolation of the area did not favour this trade and oblidged many of its natives to emigrate. The inhabited centre still preserves the very interesting romanesque parish church of San Lorenzo, on the bank of the Tassonara stream, marked by a lovely octagonal bell tower.

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