Via San Gaetano, 23 - Capo Sant'Andrea
57030 - Marciana Marina (LI)
Tel.: (+39) 0565 908210
Fax: (+39) 0565 908253

Position: panoramic, 200 m from the sea

Hotel Cernia Isola Botanica


While breakfast is usually served in the small dining room and on the two sea-view terraces, in the evening the restaurant is lit with lots of candles and cosy lighting at dinner time.
Non-guests of the hotel can also book to dine in our restaurant for a special taste experience

Emotional Cooking

I've always had a strong love for cooking, perhaps also because eating with friends and family is an excellent time to celebrate, exchange resolutions and share an emotion.
I believe that food is an intimate language that we choose, and that, through us, creates a profound link, rekindling emotions and memories, overcoming linguistic and cultural differences, bringing us together, savouring moments of union. This is why I think that cooking in our home plays such an important role and I am very happy to have undertaken with our chef Michele Nardi, a journey to enhance the value and discover local flavours, starting with the wild herbs that grow in the immediate vicinity.
Our cooking is an emotional cooking, not just because of that potential of personal stories that it's capable of reawakening in those that taste it, but also because it is strongly linked to the suggestions, colours and aromas of the seasons.
By request, I organise short courses to teach people how to recognise and make the most of wild herbs in the kitchen, theme tasting sessions, "aperemotivi" (emotional aperitif) in the forecourt, held by me, or real wine tastings with Cristiano, our sommelier.
You don't have to be a guest of the hotel to take advantage of our kitchen, and anyone who would like to take part in an emotional experience in our home is more than welcome.

Emotional Pantry

For me cooking is synonymous with love. Stronger than every desire it fills our memories with its aromas, envelops us and tells us the story of our life: this is how our emotional pantry is created.
If you want to extend the pleasure of our emotional cooking or want to give your friends a gift characterised by the flavour of your experience at the Cernia, we propose the preserves, biscuits, cakes and all the seasonal delights that you'll find in our emotional pantry. If necessary, with a little prior notice, we can make you our "schiacce briache all'aleatico" (typical cake of the island made with wine), almond cantucci, herb bread and flavoured oils. If you would like to taste the products of our pantry, we would be delighted to organise "emotional cocktails" for groups of 6-8 people: contact us for information!