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Medicean Fortresses - The construction of the Medicean Fortresses started in April 1548 thanks to Cosimo I, Grand duke of Tuscany, with the approval of Charles V, King of Spain, who included also the island of Elba. Objectives of Cosimo's enterprise were the rapid growth of the rich and healthy Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the protection of its trade in the Tyrrenean sea and the growth of its prestige in European field. The fortification system projected for the Grand Duchy by the architects Bellucci and Camerini had two defensive areas: the Linguella and the Fronte di Attacco, at the two extremities of the bay of Portoferraio, connected by a series of strongholds and covered communication trenches which end to North respectively with Forte Falcone and Forte Stella, the main strongholds of the architectonic structure. The foreseen itinerary, ended with the last restoration in 1994, winds along the Fronte di Attacco, a series of strongholds developing for about 500 meters and bordering westwards Cosmopoli, Cosimo's town. It's an imposing and functional architectonic structure, at the point to discourage the Turkish pirate Dracut in 1553, when he reached the Island with many ships by order of the French and judged the defensive front invulnerable.

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