Along the road which climbs up into the Casentino area, inside the village of Subbiano, there is an fine old courtyard "with food and accommodation". Here, time seems to have magically stopped in the fabulous 1950's and, together with the beauty of the natural environment, of Tuscan countryside's typical medieval villages, rows of vines, olive trees and cypresses, it is possible to taste the flavours of ancient dishes which still live on today, as well as having the chance to stay in beautiful rooms furnished in rustic or elegant style. All this is La Corte dell'Oca.
In this little corner of Tuscany, Franco Donati has skilfully managed to create a voyage back in time. The food and the wines are exclusively Tuscan, in full respect of the traditions of the area. A good glass served on the marble top of the bar at the entrance of the Inn; the crostino toasted bread canap with the vinsanto dessert wine, the hen's broth, the boiled hen served with a sauce, the typical pappa bread soup, the toasted slices of bread rubbed with garlic and drizzled with oil for the fettunta. As well as the pappardelle pasta dressed with wild hare sauce, the steaks and many other such delicacies.