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Locanda La Corte dell'Oca


The Gluttonous Goose's rooms are all in wood to be trod on and listened to, framed with beams of chestnut and wood; in the garden under the veranda one can admire the beauty of it all without missing the wood oven; near the well where water is drawn and one can experience moments lost in time and come into communion with himself in an island of peace. The table is set for lunch just as in the past just on the first floor in the public hall near the glass-cup-board, otherwise if you like you can experience the unique feeling of the traditional Tuscan kitchen or the wine chamber on the first floor from where you get a glimpse of the enchanted court.

The little hall outside the huts" where the warmth of the fireplace and the wood oven make a nice show of themselves. This is the ideal place for few intimates, it's a suggestion and an invitation to dine and wake throughout the night in a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle rediscovering the simple but wholesome ways of life. It is also quite good to dine in the cellar away from indiscreet eyes only surrounded by bottles and wooden barrels of olden days which are jealously kept, warm and rich with their own history and illumined by a candle light. The natural and characteristic habitat of the Goose Court never tires it's guests who desire to have this experience not just for a day but want to feel all it's natural vibrations and prolong these feelings.

I Piatti e L'Ambiente

Within the Osteria time has stopped running. One of the first televisions show black and white movies of the fifty's day to day life; the first Vespa 125 free's one's immagination; the accordian, the violin, the trumpet, the flutes create a concert and frame the immages and bring you back in time. Their unique sensations, thrills and emotions that one just try. The work, the recreation, the arts, the skills are not only remembered but actually rexperienced. The classical Tuscan food and drink; the old homemade cooking. At the Goose Court time has stopped at rediscovering places and it's people.

On the public house's marble bench a good glass of wine is served once entering the Osteria; the crostino with vinsanto (sherry), chicken soup, stewed chicken, la pappa (local recipy), toasted bread frictioned with garlic and smeared with veins of olive oil, beans soup, bread soup, noodle with chickpeas and why not maccheroni, large noodles with hare sauce, bloody steaks with a roasted scent and some black pepper and lemon, the Zolfini beans with a leaf of sage and other types of the same family, all cooked in ceramic pots; beans and birds with sausages, steamy tripe and other stews; fries and roasts; at time dried codfish (baccala) dripping with oil and tomato; and for feasting a nice Capon. At the public house bench glasses of wine are served, prosciutto ham, salami and soprassata salami, and from the pitcher you can pour a nice dose of local made olive oil. In other words here you eat well, drink even better and what really matters is that you pay the right price.

La Cantina

The Cellar seems to be jealous of her own self when it's time to display her barrels coated with flaxseed oil and circled by red lead and tarred barrels, small tubs, kegs and cups of all sizes. Half way down the one passage one comes to a narrowing which seems to be arrayed for feasting. The courtyard has a stone flooring just as in the main village when you approach to the Osteria of Gluttonous Goose.

At the right price you can eat and sleep at the Court. The public house within the Osteria, the stone hut, the cellar, the summer garden and the lodge is all a portion of the Fifty's transferred through time into the present. Food and wine is strictly Tuscan in order to preserve tradition. At the public house bench you can surely have a unique breakfast and lunch.

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