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Pierle Castle can, with good reason, be considered one of the most beautiful and mighty examples of a feudal castle in Tuscany. The combination of its tucked away location on the borders with Umbria, and the lack of interventions for its conservation have never permitted it to emerge from the state of abandonment and deterioration into which it has fallen since the distant 1587. From 1920, the Castle has been the property of the Caporali family. In fact, it was purchased by Gaetano Caporali for just 100 lire with the aim of using it as an agricultural annexe. The visits are quite enthralling, giving the visitor the possibility to admire a fortification, the interior of which has not undergone any modification since the fifteenth century. Inside, one can admire the circumference of the walls from 5 to 8 metres (16 to 26 ft) high, the three imposing towers, only one of which today is still almost integral, and the residential keep-palace. This is, in fact, one of the largest still visible in Tuscany; it rose up on 5 floors and of its particular finishings now remain only a few stone archways and the external walls, almost 2 metres thick, and, standing out from the north-east corner, the soaring watch tower. A small village, Pierle, has developed around the walls of the Castle, with its beautiful Romanesque church of S. Biagio a Perle, originating from the XIth century but rebuilt in 1505; its has one nave and a rib-vaulted belfry. The Castle has stimulated the imagination of many artists, more and less famous who, every spring and summer, dedicated to its portrayal, can be found on its surrounding slopes.

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