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Position: Panoramalage, Hgelland

Agriturismo Podere Palazzo


We grow two kinds of wine varieties: Merlot and grape bunch San Giovese.. The latter is called this way because of a higher sugary part and a more intense back taste. The wine making is natural in barrels where the cooling down is under control. Our product is totally biological either in the vineyards or in the cellars.

Olio extravergine d'oliva

In our olive groves we grow 5 different kinds of olives such as: pendolino (a very important kind of olive which allows the cross-pollination with the other kinds of olive trees), muraiolo, leccino, frantoio and maremmano. After the picking the olives are put into aired crates to avoid the product heating. The process is made in a very modern and hygienic way. Once the olive oil is made it is transported and kept in steel containers. What is really important is that it is kept in dark, dry and cool places.

Jams and "Sott'olii"

All of them are home made products. Jams are carefully followed from the ripening of fruit to the picking down and the home working of the fruit with sugar. They are are generally served with the morning breakfast. The home made pickels consist of tomatoes, artichokes, courgettes and eggplants.