La Roverella farm holiday takes its name from the big oak (Quercus Robur) located beside the farm. In the past it was used as granary and as Vin Santo cellar (the place where the typical Tuscan sweet wine is aged). La Roverella is just in the center of the property, giving our guests the possibility to follow the agricultural works made during the year's seasons, like the grapes and olives harvest, the pruning of vines and olive trees, the sow of wheat, the cellar works that makes grapes become wine. Using a path just beside the vineyards (700m), you can reach the top of the hill Poggio Tondo where you can enjoy a beautiful sight of Siena and its surrounding landscape.
In Ville di Corsano, the little hamlet (about 500 inhabitants live here) where La Roverella is located, you can find a supermarket, a post office, a doctor's office, a beautiful Romanic church and some nice restaurant. 9km from here you can find the nearest village, Monteroni dArbia, which is traversed by the via Francigena and by the Arbia river (also mentioned by Dante Alighieri in its Divina Commedia).
Starting from La Roverella it is possible to make several daily journeys in which you can enjoy the art, the history and the culture of this fabulous land.
La Roverella gives you the choice among three nice apartments fully furnished and suitable for every need. Every apartment is furnished taking care of the details, and has everything is needed to spend a pleasant holiday.