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Val d'Orcia
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Montalcino is ancient small town situated on a height at almost 600 m a.s.l., in a position dominating the Asso, Orcia and Ombrone Valleys. The surrounding countryside, rich in woods and wonderful vineyards, ofTers wide landscapes: from the sea to the mountain. Montalcino is a monumental city where prevails the Roman - Gothic architecture.
In fact the monuments of artistic interest are a lot; among them worthy of note are: the Commune Palace, which is similar in the style to the Sienese Commune Palace, where transferred the seat of the Republic of Siena occupied by the Imperial Family; the Diocesan Museum with paintings and polychrome wooden statues of the 16th century; the Municipal Museum, that houses ceramics by Della Robbia and several frescos from the and Sienese School.
It has also an archeological, prehistoric and Etruscan museum; the Rocca, a pentagonal plan fortress with bastions and towers built by inhabitants of Siena in 1300. In autumn the Thrush Festival and the opening of the hunting season are held. The medieval quarters parade in their rich costumes and compete in the archery competition.

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