Villa La Collina has its origin from 1600 and it has been transformed during the centuries and new structures have been added, as the needs of space increased and today, it is a splendid castle, situated on the top of a hill with a magnificent view in all directions, surrounded by a secular park with cypresses and the typical bosso-, box hedges. Ponds and fountains, terraces and a protected brick wall with iron lances surrounding the castle and the park, which gives you a secure sensation of privacy and quite. The front has a plaster finish made like rectangular stones and pieces of antique objects in marble are set into the facade. All the palace has merlons around it and some windows columns in the middle. A grate in front of a window from 1400 on the ground floor in brass and copper from a convent, all this makes this castle very unique and precious.
The main entrance is protected by a vault, held by 4 antique columns is marble, holding an over standing balcony. On the floor, a white marble lion in welcoming you. When you enter, there is a magnificent marble staircase, leading up to the other two floors. On your left hand, you enter in the office with a working table and at its back, there is a painting with mother and child. Also a sofa group, for a little gathering. The wall painting as background, represents the Sibille. The caisson ceiling is also made by the Countess. Little wooden benches next to the windows, for meditation. A big and functional kitchen, very original and attractive.
Barbecue and the direction is the sun set. You can taste your meals in the most wonderful place and there is a little fountain. This space is surrounded by a low stone wall with flowers on it, and you can look down to the pool.