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Lido di Camaiore is the modern and pleasant beach of the historical center of Camaiore. It is located in a delightful, calm and pleasant area by the sea, it has an extension of many kilometres, between Viareggio and Marina di Pietrasanta. Lido di Camaiore is now very important because af its huge beaches with gold and thin sable and even because of its inland which has an incomparable scenery due to the presence of the fertile surronding hills and of the peaks of the Apuan Alps which stand out in the deep blue sky.
Lido di Camaiore is a seaside resort to the vanguard that, for its characteristic particular, places itself between the most characterized tourist localities of Europe. The immense one runs aground them (4 km), between Navy of Pietrasanta and Viareggio, is lain down sweetly on the sea and is easy raggiungibile: enough to cross a splendid and panoramic walk to sea (Europe tree-lined avenue), rich of garden and flower-beds bloomed, along which numerous bathing establishments are ollowed multicolors, premises publics, small storees, conferring one characteristic particular to the appreciated zone a lot from tourists and bathing. The Europe tree-lined avenue, equipped moreover of ciclabile track, concurs to enjoy the wonderful sight of the sea. Lido di Camaiore is characterized from numerous villas dipped in the green, from wide roads public squares and parks publics.
Lido di Camaiore is characterized by the presence of many villas sunk in the green, very large streets, beautiful squares with artistic fountains and a center with all the public equipments which are indispensable for the community. There is a nice park fro children in a small pine forest too. In the northern part (called Il Secco) there is a residential area which in small and nice pinet forests, and villas.

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