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Lucca is a city quite particular, and in a way, magical. Since early Roman times the historical eras of Lucca are manifested in the various and abundant architectural splendours, invention and modification superimposed on its precedent page in history.
Lucca is adorned from the severe romanic to the most sumptious of the renaissance resulting in a splendour of unsurpassed harmony.
The superb churches of San Michele and San Martino integrate splendidly with the noble palaces built four or five hundred years later.
The Roman amphitheatre, superimposed with the ancient market place, blends with the rest of the city as if it were an architect before its time projecting to the citizens the style in which the city was built.
The pleasure that Lucca concedes is not only artistic, the old grocery and pastry shops situated in the via Fillungo offering the most exquisite local specialities, the wine taverns, the characteristic trattorias and the restaurants testify to the long tradition that the Lucchese have for the pleasures of the table. This is also a form of culture that has been handed down for centuries and hopefully will never cease, as never passes by fashion for the art treasures that Lucca offers and permits to be lived daily.

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