Arrive here, breath in deeply, inhale the fragrance of the fruit trees and of the vines kissed by the sun and you will immediately feel wonderful; our guests have been enjoying all this for three generations now. Its closeness to the historical towns of Lagundo and Merano, its peaceful position, the marvellous panoramas and its modern facilities make Ultenerhof what it is: a particularly beautiful place where you will be welcomed with friendly warmth. Our wish is for you to feel as at home as possible here on your holiday. The comfortable furnishings of the bedrooms, the modern bathrooms and the accessibility for people with special needs are factors which combine to attain this aim; there is also a convenient lift which will take you from the garage directly to all floors.
Without forgetting, of course, the breathtaking panorama over the Adige Valley and the peaks of the Gruppo Tessa mountains. You may wish to limit yourself to a small dive once in while into the cooling water of the swimming pool, to basking in the sun or to lying in the shade with your mind free from all worries. Looking at the Adige Valley which seems to be endless, refueling with new energies and enjoying this sensation: life is beautiful. Up here there are tracks for going for walks, bicycle excursions or pleasant rides, rich in panoramic vistas, enough for more than just one holiday. Whether you prefer to just relax or whether you nurture sporting ambitions, you will be able to find long and short routes which are easy or else more demanding, enabling you to discover for yourselves one of the most beautiful areas of the Alto Adige.