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The Ultental valley is 40 km long and starts near Lana, in the vicinity of the spa-city of Meran, and stretches southwesterly to the Stilfser Joch National Park and to the Ortler massif running through all vegetative strata, from the vineyards and chestnut trees up to the alpine pastures and the ice of the glaciers. Over hundreds of years the diligent people of Ulten have made of this natural landscape with all its contrasts one of the most beautiful mountain valleys of South Tyrol. To the left and to the right of the valley ancient farmhouses are scattered up to an altitude of 1,800 m. These typical farmsteads consisting of a barn/cowshed and a residential building harmonically fit in with the landscape. 50% of the local population still lives in theses farmsteads. They continue to live there because they are attached to their home and at the same time they take care of the natural landscape. The four villages of the valley: St. Pankraz (an indepent municipality), St. Walburg, St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud. The villages of St. Walburg, St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud constitute the municipality of Ulten.

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