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Mazzin is the smallest district in the Val di Fassa and also comprises the villages of Campestrin and Fontanazzo. The centre is known for the discovery on Doss dei Pigui of important traces of human settlements of Rhaetic origin. The centre is also home to the entire valley's only example of manor-house, Casa Battel. The house is still intact and has a pointed tower as well as frescoes and decorations of notable artistic value.
Mazzin was famous in the past as the "painters' village": artisan painters used to emigrate seasonally in search of houses to paint.
Just like every centre in the Val di Fassa, Mazzin is a preferred departure point for the many excursions towards the Dolomite summits nearby, especially in summer. In winter cross-country skiing enthusiasts can join directly the very beautiful section of the Marcialonga track that goes to Canazei and then returns to the valley floor.
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