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La Thuile, renowned summer and winter holiday resort, is dominated by the Rutor glacier. The landscape is formed by majestic mountains, enchanting glaciers, small and grand lakes, waterfalls and streams. In both winter and summer, La Thuile is a mix of poetry and nature framed by one continuous valley that has learned how to maintain its authenticity throughout time.
In summer, La Thuile is transformed into an enchanting green valley- an ideal playground for trekking and mountain biking, fishing on the banks of the numerous mountain lakes, and rafting down the Dora river.
The ski season in La Thuile is from November to April. La Thuile's geographic position makes it an ideal playground for backcountry skiing and heliskiing. La Thuile is spoiled for choise when it comes to downhill skiing. La Thuile knows no frontiers as the ski route into France is open all season. In La Thuile, it seems like you can ski forever.
Children can have fun in the sunny playground or in the cool picnic area sheltered in a pine grove along the Dora river. In winter, La Thuile offers numerous activities for children including a winter play park, mini snowmobiles, and the friendly Saint Bernard mascot, Thuilly.
In winter La Thuile offers more than 150 Km of ski slopes always perfeclty covered in snow due to a favorable microclimate and artificial snow production. The state-of-the art chairlift system features 4-person chairlift with automatic linking and a gondola, ensuring a regular flow of skiers on the slopes and no lift lines.
Surrounding the picturesque little church, a typical mountain-town configuration of stone and wood houses constitute a charming downtown area. Shops, restaurants serving local dishes, artisans, and a genuine hospitality guarantee a vacation that's complete.
A few miles from La Thuile, the Piccolo San Bernardo pass connects Italy to France. Along this pass are the traces of other peoples, including Roman outpost ruins, the Jovis column and a Celtic cromlech of 46 stones with a circumference of 72 meters. On the Piccolo San Bernardo pass, one can pay a visit to the Chanousia Botanical Gardens that houses over 2.500 different species of Alpine plants. On the grounds, there is also an historical hospice, recently rebuilt.

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