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The Queen of the Dolomites, the Alpine parlour of Italy: this is Cortina d'Ampezzo, the geographie and tourist heart of the Dolomites and of the whole Veneto mountain area, holiday destination for tourists from all over the world.
Crowned by splendid peaks, like the Tofane and the Cristallo, Cortina d'Ampezzo (1224 m} extends over the basin of the same name and can be reached from any direction by crossing magnificent mountain passes such as the Falzarego, the Giau and the Tre Croci. In summer tourism is characterised by the beauty of the mountains coloured "enrosadira" (reddish-orange), unique in the world that offer limitless opportunities to go walking with 300 km of paths and mountain refuges that are there for the comfort and safety of hikers and mountaineers.
The opportunities for sports activities are also limitless; from the traditional sports of tennis, swimming, golf, mini golf, horse riding, mountain biking and others to the "no limits" sports such as the navigation of white water rapids. In winter Cortina d'Ampezzo offers 110 km of skiing slopes, 58 km of cross country routes all served by lifts, cable cars, chair lifts and ski lifts.

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