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Riva del Garda is known as the Perla of Garda. It is situated in a splendid gulf and is protected by Monte Brione. Riva del Garda dominates the entire upper lake and is the largest business center on the veronese and Trent lakeshores, and is a natural point of passage for all the tourist that, coming down from the Brenner Pass, arrive at the Lake.
Riva del Garda is "the pearl of Lake Garda", for the beauty and elegance of its historical centre gathered around the port. In Piazza III Novembre there is the palazzo Pretorio (built by the Scaligeri, second half of the 1300), jointed with the palazzo Municipale (end of the 15th century).
Near the ancient port rises the strong tower Apponale, built in 1220 as the town's guard. In piazza Cavour there's an ancient gate to the town with San Michele's tower and the Collegiate church of Santa Maria Assunta which has nine marble altars with remarkable altar-pieces by Giuseppe Craffonara (1790-1837) and by Giambettino Cignaroli. Another important monument is the baroque church dell'Inviolata (1600), with beautiful stuccoes and altar-pieces by Palma il Giovane. You should also visit the Rocca, a powerful medieval building that houses the town's museum.

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