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FossÚ extends across a highly fertile stretch of flat land in the area of the Riviera del Brenta between Padua and Venice. The toponym may be derived from Fossadum, referring to a probable minor branch of the Brenta river.
Things to see are: the Church in neo-gothic style dating from the 1700's and characterised by its large and solemn forms which make it a solid and monumental building; the Casa Mulinari which is an elegant and simple eighteenth-century building; the Three-mullioned window of the Palazzo Pisani; the Town Hall, a construction dating from the beginning of the 1900's which, although without any particular architectural merits, is an important document which testifies to the life of the municipality.
The visit to FossÚ may be concluded with the gothic style capital dedicated to Sant'Antonio, which rises up at the junction of the road via Fornaci. It is a symbol of the people's devotion which is particularly widespread in these lands.

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