The Garibaldian Museum

Ara dei Caduti, Via Roma

Winter opening time (1 October-30 April)
*Tuesday 10,00 am -12,00 am
*Thursday 10,00 am -12,00 am
Saturday 4,00 p.m.-6,00 p.m.
Sundays and holidays 10,00 am -12,00 am
*Tuesday and Thursday guided visits by appointment

Summer opening time (1 May-30 September)
*Thursday 4,00 p.m.-6,00 p.m.
Saturday 6,00 p.m.-8,00 p.m.
Sundays and holidays 6,00 p.m.-8,00 p.m.
*by appointment - August closed

Free entrance

The museum collects relics found on the battle fields in the Agro Romano during the struggle for the liberation of Rome in 1867. In several glass-cases there are displayed original documents, photographs, letters by Giuseppe Garibaldi and other Risorgimento heros, weapons (Chassepot guns, Remington guns, sabres and pistols) flags and uniforms, portraits and commemorative paintings, portrait-busts and medals (among which some very rare ones such as the 1860 medal of the Garibaldi's Thousand). Also on display, nearly 50 metal wreaths, soldier's blankets, original cartridges. Among the curios: the historical bolt once locking the Monterotondo's Roman Gate, that was broken open by Garibaldian army on October 26th 1867. On sale in the museum shop, books and memorabilia's replicas.

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