History Museum of the Military Motorization

Viale dell'Esercito, 86; Citta' Militare della Cecchignola

Opening time: Mon. to Fri. 9-12 and 14-16, Sat. and Sun. 9-12
Admission free
public property

This museum (the only existing in Italy on the most distinctive military cars of this century) displays on an area of about 50,000 sq.m., historical cars, period civilian and military lorries, tracked and armoured cars, tanks and 60 period cars. Among the most valuable exhibits: a FIAT 513 model 4 of 1910 driven by Vittorio Emanuele III, an Alfa Zagato SS 1750 driven by Tazio Nuvolari in many of his successfull races, an extremely rare armoured Lancia Astura Lince of 1942, and the ambulance FIAT model 2 of 1910 from the set of "Farewell to Arms".

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